Kids don’t come with an instruction manual so when it comes to parenting, how do you know what’s best and what works? The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is one of the world’s most effective parenting programs because it’s one of the few that’s been scientifically shown to work.

Over more than 30 years, Triple P has helped hundreds of thousands families around the world deal with issues ranging from temper tantrums to disobedience, bedtime dramas to homework battles, schoolyard bullying to teenage rebellion.

So you can be sure that whatever your parenting needs – no matter how simple or how complex – Triple P can help.

Check select your region to find out if there's a local Triple P website in your area. On these sites you may be able to locate practitioners and Triple P sessions nearby.

Even if there isn't a local website, Triple P may still be available in your area. Often, governments, agencies and authorities will offer Triple P through health, education or welfare departments or organisations. Give your local councils, governments or authorites a call to see whether you're in a Triple P zone!

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